Steadicam Operator
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Rolex Industrial
Rolex Industrial photo by Eric Genillier
The Messenger
The Messenger photo by Russell Lee Klika
Rape of the Sabine Women
The Rape of the Sabine Women
Father Game
Father Game photo by Stefan Falke
Onyx Video 1
Onyx Music Video photo by Malika Franklin
Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and Brains photo by J. Alan Hoffsteadler
Recalled Recalled
Recalled photos by Adam Salky
Ryan Leslie
Ryan Leslie Music VIdeo photo by Malika Franklin
photo by Evin Lowe

Scottie Gage Music Video photo by Malika Franklin
UntitledUntitled photo by Martin Hoffman

West 32
West 32nd St photo by Tom Legoff
Walking on the Sky Walking On The Sky photo by Wylda Bayron Parting Words
Parting Words photo by Othmar Dickbauer