Sergei Franklin
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Shawn Baker
Red Butterfly
Jon Alston
The Cruel Tale of the Medicine Man
James Habacker
The Rape of the Sabine Women
Eve Sussman
Derek Estlin Purvis
Nuno Madeira Rodrigues


The Reader
Stephen Daldry
For Colored Girls
Tyler Perry
Hannah Arendt
Margarethe von Trotta
Don Peyote
Michael Canzoniero, Dan Fogler


Karmin "I Want It All"
Sam Lecca
Jennifer Lopez, Lin-Manuel Miranda
“Love Make The World Go Round”
Nathan Crooker
Darlene Love "Forbidden Nights"
Anthony Chirco
Lipstick Gypsy "Infatuation"
Constellation Jones
Just Ivy "Adderall"
Sam Lecca
The Roots "The Fire"
Rik Cordero
James Fortune "Hold On"
Bobby Yan
50 Cent "I Get Money"
J Jesses Smith and Broadway
French Montana “Everything's a Go”
Carlos "Spiff Tv" Suarez
Ozzy Osbourne “How”
Ernie Fritz
My Jerusalem “Rabbit,Rabbit”
Nathan Crooker
Krystal Klear "Addiction"
Evan Bernard
Two Tone "Señorita"
Power Quevedo
Alexz Johnson "Walking"
Jessica Earnshaw
Misty Boyce "Limits"
Jessica Earnshaw
Alex Young "Government Name"
Troy Patterson
Domino Kirke "The Guard"
Catherine Orchard, Anton Esteban
.38 Spesh "Support"
Dawud Gaston
Alexis Nicole “Cold World”
Berman Fenelus
Tim and The Space Cadets “Rainy Day”
Dale Arroyo
8th Day “Ya'alili”
Larry Guterman
Tina Sugandh "Break Me"
Vivek Tiwary


Lane Bryant
Nathaniel Ruhlman
Susan G. Komen for the Cure
Bruce Brauer
The Washington Post
Zac Resnicoff and JC Khoury
WNBC "4NY Summer"
Randy Pyburn
History Chanel "Decoded"
Frank Mosca
Phelps Hospital
Jules Filicia
Vital Dent
Joseph Parlegreco
Thierry Ngooh
Power Trading
Scott Prewitt


The New World Trade Center
Gaspard Giroud
Novartis "Neurologist"
Thierry Ngooh
Novartis "Rosario"
Thierry Ngooh
Novartis "Faces"
Thierry Ngooh
Novartis "Jazmine"
Thierry Ngooh
Novartis "Hector"
Thierry Ngooh
Ketel One "Randall Slavin"
Kafi Drexel


We Are New York "Wedding"
Katja Esson
We Are New York "Brighton Beach"
Luis Argueta
We Are New York "High School"
Luis Argueta
We Are New York "Asthma"
Marc Lesser
We Are New York "Domestic Violence"
Paul Epstein


"No food No money No jewels"
Eve Sussman and Simon Lee
"Car Wash"
Eve Sussman and Simon Lee
"White on White"
Eve Sussman
"Essex Hotel"
Eve Sussman and Simon Lee
"Single Stream"
Paweł Wojtasik, Toby Lee, Ernst Karel


"War is a Bitch"
Ronald Armstrong
"Una Calle Sin Salida"
Robert Fernandez
"The Birthday Party"
Véronique N. Doumbé
"The Luggage"
Véronique N. Doumbé
"The Plan"
Vivek Sharma
"Contact Zone"
Gustavius Smith
Abraham Heisler
"lmaginary Friend"
Paul Andersen

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