Sergei Franklin
Fiction Music Branded Commercial Art Contact

Amgen "I Can Even the Odds"
Director Thierry Ngooh

Phelps Hospital "Restaurant"
Director Jules Filicia

The Washington Post "Going Out Guide"
Directors Zac Resnicoff and JC Khoury

Investors Bank "Devils Checking"
Director Kamp Kennedy

Lane Bryant
Director Nathaniel Ruhlman
History Chanel "Book of Secrets"
Director Matt Neary
Advantage "Payroll Hero"
Director Zac Resnicoff

The Washington Post "Local Living"
Directors Zac Resnicoff and JC Khoury
History Chanel "Decoded"
Director Frank Mosca

Phelps Hospital "Green Laser"
Director Jules Filicia

"IP Theft Premonition"
Director Christopher Ernst

Susan G. Komen for the Cure
Director Bruce Brauer

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